• Paul Wirt

Florence + The Machine "Light of Love" Song Review

Florence + The Machine's new song "Light of Love" starts off as a slow piano ballad with Florence Welch wondering "How did I get here? And how do i get back?". As the song moves on it gradually builds momentum with drums, bass, backing vocals and other instruments helping build to the song's close. Welch's voice is the hallmark of most Florence + The Machine songs and their latest release is no different. Throughout "Light of Love" Welch's voice is expressive, clear, and easy on the ears. Lyrically, the song warns against numbing yourself with drugs to hide from the harsh realities of the world. Welch sings "when the drugs were wearing off, I climbed into your bed and said 'I think I did too much' In some ways that was simpler, being too f***** up to see...I didn't have to wake up to the world that was around me". Going into the first chorus she realizes the error of her old ways and states, "I must not look away," which leads to the chorus of "don't go blindly into the dark, in everyone one of us shines the light of love". There may not be any revelatory music or lyrical content here but the song's interesting structure with the almost constant crescendo and Welch's vocals sounding as good as ever are reason enough to dedicate four minutes of your day to the song. Rating- 7.2


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