• Paul Wirt

HAIM "I Know Alone" Song Review

HAIM have taken the indie music scene by storm in recent years and their highly anticipated new album Women In Music Pt. III is due for release in June. "I Know Alone" follows the album's lead single "The Steps" with a more subtle and less musically crowded approach to pop song-craft nirvana. Where "The Steps" leaned heavily on its guitar riff and drumbeat, "I know Alone" puts Danielle Haim's voice front and center, backed predominantly by an assortment of electronic beats and synths. The music in "I Know Alone" would not sound out of place on an early 2000's Daivd Gray album and it fits perfectly as a backdrop for the sisters Haim in 2020. There is a nod to Joni Mitchell at the 1:05 mark where Danielle sings "...screaming every word of 'Both sides Now.'" The chorus of "Cause nights turn into days...That turn to grey...Keep turning over...Some things never grow...I know alone like no one else does...Some things never change...They never fade...It’s never over...Some things never grow...I know alone like no one else does..." will get stuck in many heads this summer and the song will likely be added to thousands of quarantine playlists as it directly deals with isolation. Rating- 8.0

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