• Paul Wirt

Happy 65th Birthday Angus Young (AC/DC)

Angus Young's Gibson S.G. plugged into an ungodly amount of Marshall stacks has been one of the most instantaneously recognizable sounds in rock music since the mid 1970s. AC/DC songs sound like AC/DC and no other band due in a large part to Young's early ability to create a unique tone and keep things relatively simple. He doesn't use a massive pedal-board or have racks upon racks of effects units, which for a live band the size of AC/DC is almost unheard of these days. AC/DC have fallen on hard times recently with vocalist Brian Johnson and bassist Cliff Williams both retiring from the band in 2016. Shortly after those setbacks, Angus' brother Malcolm, the band's longtime rhythm guitarist passed away in 2017, leaving Angus as the only original member left in the band. The future of AC/DC may be unclear at the moment but one thing is certain, as long as Angus Young continues to go on stage in his schoolboy outfits with a guitar in hand and a wall of amps behind him, people are going to be entertained.


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