• Paul Wirt

Kings of Leon Return With "Going Nowhere"

Kings of Leon were never going to be able to maintain the momentum they started building in the 2000's. By the time 2010 rolled around they started to sound burnt out and their last several records have found the band caught between soul-searching and identity crisis. On the surface "Going Nowhere" is a song about social distancing during the uncertain times in which we live but if one chooses to dig a little deeper, it can also be viewed as a metaphor for Caleb Followill's feelings about being stuck in a musical and mental rut. Featuring lines like "I took to driving to see what I would find...Place in history...A little peace of mind..." and "I know what you're thinking...I know just what you mean...I'll never be whole, until I get clean..." the song could easily be seen as highlighting Followill's personal struggles with alcohol. "Going Nowhere" is neither a return to the Kings of Leon of the early 2000's nor is it a huge leap forward. With this in mind, it is far from one of the worst songs in the band's discography either. This song is more of an outlier in the band's discography because Caleb is the only band member present on the recording but there is a certain "Talihina Sky" like quality to it. Followill's southern drawl is calming and instantly recognizable and the open-chord acoustic strum is in no particular hurry but fits in well considering the heart-on-sleeve lyrics and table-for-one aesthetics of the song. One can only hope that Kings of Leon are finally ready to go somewhere again in the near future and that this song might start to turn their musical compass in a meaningful direction once again. Rating- 6.7


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