• Paul Wirt

Pete Yorn Debuts New Song "The World" on Instagram

Pete Yorn surprised fans with a new song titled "The World" today on Instagram. Like many artists, Yorn has been live streaming min-concerts on his Instagram the past several weeks but "The World" is some of the first new music he has released since his most recent album Caretakers dropped in 2019. In the video, Yorn said "this is a song that I had written a bit ago, I recorded it recently...with Jackson Phillips from Day Wave and I'll probably put it out soon but I figure you know maybe it'll be cool to hear it acoustic first right here.... Right after the Kobe thing, it hit me really hard and the song was really resonating with me...There's so much beauty in the world and there's so much s**t in the world and I'm just having to realize its all just one, its just part of one thing...You gotta take the good with the bad...I think this song is about that." Throughout the song Yorn switches between calling the world "beautiful", "funny", and "crazy", but it is the honesty in his voice that truly captures our collective feelings of simultaneous frustration and love for the world in which we live.

Link to Pete Yorn's "The World" debut-


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