• Paul Wirt

Phoebe Bridgers "Kyoto" Song Review

Phoebe Bridgers debuted her latest single "Kyoto" from her bathtub on Jimmy Kimmel Live! about a month ago and much like the strange performance setting, the song finds its creator turning the mundane into something more interesting . Lyrically, "Kyoto" is a relatively harmless "day in the life of Phoebe Bridgers", but things get somewhat serious when she sings "you wrote me a letter...But I don't have to read it...I'm gonna kill you...If you don't beat me to it...". Bridgers' voice is a calm and steady force throughout "Kyoto", and the music floats by like a summer breeze. It is clear that Bridgers' time with fellow Better Oblivion Community Center band-member Conner Oberst has paid off as she sounds confident and comfortable in her own skin even when she has nothing prophetic to say. Phoebe Bridgers is primed and ready for indie rock stardom but what that will look like in 2020 remains to be seen. Punisher (Bridgers' new album) is due to be released June 19th. Rating- 8.2

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