• Paul Wirt

Reignwolf "Cabin Fever" Song Review

Quarantine life has inspired many musicians to create new artistic statements. Reignwolf's Jordan Cook can be added to this list as the band's newest song "Cabin Fever" finds him dealing with new COVID-19 realities and going "insane, insane, insane, insane..." The song will speak loudly to those having a hard time coping with social distancing and distancing from the natural world. Musically, "Cabin Fever" (recorded on a 4-track recorder in Cook's garage) kicks off with Cook's voice A capella before the sound of his garage door opening and amplifier feedback usher in a "March of The Pigs" inspired drumbeat while a razor-sharp distorted guitar slices through the mix. Cook delivers a guitar solo at the 1:57 mark that adds texture to "Cabin Fever's" garage-rock simplicity. Best lyric- "sacrifice, normalize, try and not be too scared crow." "Cabin Fever" should introduce Reignwolf to new listeners who are stuck at home experiencing the song's themes of anxiety and tension in real-time. Rating- 7.9


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