• Paul Wirt

Stereo Embers “Junkyard Diva” Review

Updated: Mar 31

Have you ever found yourself wondering what it would sound like if you took early era Black Crowes southern-rock and sprinkled it with just the right amount of Led Zeppelin III acoustic guitar? It just so happens the answer is a new track called “Junkyard Diva” from Seattle’s Stereo Embers (Robb Benson, Tim DiJulio, Cass Laton and Gwon Chang). On “Junkyard Diva” the band proves that old-school straight-ahead rock n’ roll can still sound fresh in 2020. This is the sound of a professional band without the weight of pretentiousness holding them down. It genuinely feels like they are having a blast playing this song. Dijulio and Benson trade vocal duties throughout the song, with Dijulio tackling the verses and Benson taking the mic during the chorus. A 12-string acoustic guitar kicks things off and fits nicely in the mix while the band cranks it up a notch on the chorus where Benson sings “junkyard diva kept us up all night singing her soliloquy, she spoke the truth with an open heart and no apologies…”. The rhythm section of Laton (drums) and Gwon (bass) do the song justice by neither overplaying or letting their performances get lost. Dijulio’s British blues-rock influenced lead guitar licks are especially present at the 1:42, 2:31, 3:06 marks when he solos and the band kicks it into high gear. If you’re a fan of bands like The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Faces, The Black Crowes or newer groups like Greta Van Fleet then I highly recommend checking out Stereo Embers. Rating- 7.8/10


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