• Paul Wirt

The Rolling Stones “Living In A Ghost Town” Song Review

The Rolling Stones’ new song “Living In A Ghost Town” is a gritty blues explosion. It sounds like a track that would be at home on 1978’s Some Girls, which isn’t a bad thing. The swagger Mick, Keith, Charlie, Ronnie and co. still play with is simply amazing. You can tell that the song couldn’t have been made by another band because the sound is unmistakably that of The Rolling Stones. Keith’s Telecaster and Ronnie’s Stratocaster swerve in and out of the mix while an organ creates an aura of mystery that permeates through the track. Listening to the song it is hard to overstate just how good Mick Jagger’s voice sounds for a seventy-six-year-old. Although the lyrics sound like they were tailor made for the strange times of 2020, Jagger has stated the song was actually written well before the COVID-19 outbreak. Either way, lines line “You can look for me, but I can’t be found…You can search for me, I had to go underground… Life was so beautiful then we all got locked down… Feel like a ghost living in a ghost town…” sound like they could be the soundtrack to your lock-down summer. The Rolling Stones’ signature sound is still fresh and exciting in 2020 and “Living In A Ghost Town” proves that in music, wisdom and experience when coupled with the right amount of energy, can lead to extended relevancy. Rating- 8.1


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